Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Food glorious food!

Food images courtesy of Smitten Kitchen
 So, okay, I do obsess about food and I promise this is not going to be a blog only about food. Promise.
A recent house guest asked me if there was any food item I didn't like and I couldn't think of one thing. Now allow me to clarify. The food needs to be fresh, made with loving care and attention to flavor. But, I will eat anything if it is prepared well. Insects are not on the list but I don't consider them food, at least not for me.
Over the years I have collected hundreds of recipes. Recipes like, Falling in Chocolate, Preserved lemons, Garlicky Kale & Spinach dip, and on and on....
I get weekly temptations from Chowhound, Smitten Kitchen, Tasting Table so, I am giving myself a project. I will try one new recipe a week from my existing collection.
Wish me luck!

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