Sunday, May 8, 2011


This is Mother’s day. A day set aside to honor mothers.

I was mothered for 53 years.
I have mothered for 29 years
I have watched my daughter mother for 8 days.

I didn’t always want to mother and I especially didn’t want to be mothered
for a better part of my life.
But grandmother? It feels different.
Is it possible for unconditional love to grow exponentially? Love x 2?
And yet, this love feels saner, wiser.
The microcosm of mothering gives way to the macrocosm of grand parenting.
Mother nature in all of its wisdom allows for this luxury.
It is luxurious.
Holding her in my arms or better yet to watch my daughter
hold her  is when you begin to feel the weight of the world
give way in deference to the feather weight sensation of hearts
opening wide to receive the gift.
Ain’t it grand?