Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tilt Gallery – Change and Continuity

Tilt Gallery – Change and Continuity

Monday, June 20, 2011

It isn't Italy but it is home

20 days in a remote village in Italy, walking the hills, yes, but more importantly fetching warm milk and freshly made ricotta from the local farmer, visiting the Osteria in Castelnuovo where they just bring you food-wooden boards filled with home cured meats, local cheeses, bread made with the local farro and potato, fruit and vegetable markets with produce so ripe you need to eat it that day because why would you buy something that you are not going to consume that day?
And let's not forget the cappuccino-you simply cannot find a bad cup in the entire region of Garfagnana, or the daily gelato- frutta di bosco ( fruit of the forest), and Nutella croissants, porcini and truffles tagliatelle....okay, you get the picture. Oh wait, let's not forget the vino locale, hang-over free beverage of the gods.

So, I'm going through a bit of Italy withdrawal but also needing to hit the gym. I decide to try out the turbo cycling class at my gym. Perhaps I can close my eyes and pretend to be one of those cute cyclists you see on the winding roads of Tuscany with their skin tight racer shorts and brightly colored jerseys.

I walk into this dark room pulsating with disco music, a drill sergeant for an instructor and I am back in the saddle. Fifty minutes later, legs a-wobbly, sweat pouring down my face, I realize that life is a balancing act, a series of compare and contrast scenarios that all fit into a life fully realized.

Welcome home.

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