Friday, December 31, 2010

Saying arriverderci to 2010

"I still remember my first day in school, my first kiss, my first break-up, my first child being born. Will I remember my first post on my first blog? The answer is probably no.
Anyway, here it is. A first."

My first blog post January 2010.

Do I remember my first blog post? Of course not.
In the realm of IMPORTANT, this would most likely be toward the bottom of the list.
But it was nice to revisit aspects of my life via a blog. I realized as I scrolled through that my favorite posts were the ones that defined a brief moment, a mere blink in the context of a life well lived.

Some of the bigger moments in 2010 got blog attention-the big remodel, Jim’s retirement and sadly the passing of two very important people in our lives.

But some of the news did not make it into the blog. My very new and exciting job at Art Intersection. and the most exciting news of all:
I will be a grandmother in 2011 and there is no doubt that I will be posting about this in the New Year.
Thank you to all my readers for staying tuned. I love all the comments and cherish them all.
Looking forward to 2011, 
My wish for you: strength, clarity and wisdom in all of your pursuits.

Sunday, December 26, 2010