Friday, March 1, 2013

Chartreuse Delight

 It's been almost one year since I last posted on this blog. Where has the time gone? More on that later....
For now, here's one of my latest joys: raw juicing. I know, I know I'm late to the trend (nothing new there) and I'm not a zealot. In fact, I have a wee bit of cynicism for those leaping on the bandwagon. But, each time I pour (then drink) these nectars of the gods, I become more of a believer. It's never the same any day of the week. It starts with what's in my fridge. Lately I have been cultivating certain taste profiles that I particularly like. Here's a recipe for what I made today (pictured).

Here's to your health!

Chartreuse Delight

1 tangelo
2 gala apples ( small)
1 stalk fennel with fronds
1 handful beet greens
1 golden beet
1 small piece ginger
1 wedge lemon with the rind


  1. Carol, good to see you again. Glad you're juicing sounds yummy.
    Happy thoughts:)

  2. Oh my... Pardon me if I'm just the slightest bit skeptical about the taste, although most of the components sound wonderful. On the other hand, the color is amazing. Very 'color of the year' ;-) would love some hand-dyed fabric in that color.

    (PS glad to read you again)