Tuesday, March 3, 2015


I was in the kitchen, baking banana cupcakes and preparing food for a family meal. The thought, I have learned how to be happy in this world, floated above the usual static in my brain and perhaps because the computer was close by -- I posted it on Facebook. I was surprised at the reaction, several people wanted to know why and how.
I feel that turning 60 has been a turning point for me. Somehow the magic number 60 released me from some very old and worn out thoughts. Thoughts like – am I smart enough, thin enough and good enough don’t seem to have as tight a grasp on me anymore. I feel free(r) – free from the male gaze, free from my mother’s expectations, and finally free from my own judging mind. I realize this freedom has not come by easily. I’ve done a lot of homework to get this point.
So, here are my top 3 mantras in pursuit of personal freedom. The glorious result is being happy in this world no matter what it brings forth.

·      Show up. Pay Attention. Tell the Truth. Don’t worry about the outcome

·      Learning the art of loving what is. Not what you wish it to be.

·      Be a Loving Witness. Don’t try to fix it for others. LISTEN, LOVE , & SUPPORT. It’s not your job to fix it….really it isn’t. Release yourself from the burden of other people’s pain and suffering. That’s their job. Be a loving witness is all you have to do.