Friday, July 2, 2010

How hot is too hot?

One of my small attempts at going green ( I really hate the term) is to hang my laundry on the clothesline. I’ve been doing this pretty religiously for about two years now. I marvel at the fact that it took me this long to figure out how easy and yes, GREEN, this simple act is.
So, today it is 111 degrees ,or something in that god forsaken neighborhood. As I am pulling the clothes from the washing machine the thought of actually going outside is so painful I begin to have a hot flash just thinking about it.
I actually contemplate side stepping the whole hang’em out routine and eyeball the dryer thinking, “What could it hurt? Who would know? Who would care?”
After the flash had subsided, my higher self kicked back in and I dragged the wet clothes out to hang.
Ten minutes later they are bone dry.
Welcome to July.

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