Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The power of Google

“bitter/metallic taste in the back of mouth”-this is exactly what I typed into the familiar rectangular block of my google site. The first site that came up was, a foodie blog. The post had dozens of testimonies on how after eating pine nuts from various stores, including Trader Joe's and Whole Foods, they would experience a strange and annoying taste primarily in the back of the throat lasting several days.
On Saturday, I had made a large batch of pesto using basil from McClendon’s farm and had been eating it with crackers ever since. On Monday, after lunch, I got a bad headache, my lymph nodes were swollen and I felt very tired…and yes, everything except water had this bizarre bitter/metallic aftertaste.

I’m not sure if the flu like symptoms are associated but I’m convinced that the pine nuts are the culprit of my bitter throat symptoms.

Today the remaining nuts were returned to Traders with a note with the pinch my salt URL attached. The manager said that the FDA was looking into a particular supplier of pine nuts. I noticed that on the bag it said they were from Korea, Vietnam or Russia.

I guess this means pesto with walnuts, pistachio ,pecans or pepitas, all delicious in their own right.

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