Friday, September 24, 2010

Red shoes revisited....

Sometimes when you are looking into the deep well of destruction,demolition and deconstruction you see a bright light of possibility.
In my case, this epiphany came in the form of a pair of Dior shoes: RED, impossibly high heels and enough sass to last until judgement day.
Background story:
I was out gathering my fruits and veggies for the week at the Town & Country Farmer's Market, which in its own right brings joy to my heart, when I decided to stop in at Poor Little Rich Girl, a consignment resale shop on Indian School Rd. I walked in and spotted these beauties standing regally in a crowd of pedestrian offerings. My size?, no way. Dior? what?! Like new? 90.00, for real? No matter that these red hot mamas were a shoe-in for " Most impossible footwear to actually walk in".
I had to have them.
Sitting in my little studio space. Still looking perky and sassy amidst all the rubble that used to be my home. A talisman for all that is superfluous and fabulous.


  1. Red Shoes? I'm right there with them. I still have my red heels that I wore in Italy. I know they will always have a place of honor in my closet, not to mention my heart! I just have to look at them and my spirit lifts. When I put them on, mmmm, I am right back there click, clacking on cobble stones. One of the happines times I have ever experienced. I have purchased two other pairs of red shoes, but none look as good or feel as comfortable. Thanks for the memory.

  2. I, will always remember you, beautiful lady, traversing the cobbled streets in those red shoes with such grace...the rest of us plebians in sensible shoes stumbling in your wake.
    Thank YOU, for that memory.