Saturday, March 27, 2010

What we do ( part 2)

433.00 dollars-lots of ones, several fives and plenty of twenties. I didn’t even bother counting the change. Yard sales. A study in social behavior. What do people really want?
What are they willing to pay you?
I am intrigued with the entire process. Selecting the items you are willing to let go, pricing, setting the merchandise out, sitting waiting for people to buy your discards. Witnessing the drive-bys, the hagglers, the hunters, the gatherers.
Then it’s time to pack it all up again. Sneak back a few things you just can’t part with…yet.
Most of it in the trunk for donation. Clearing space for more stuff.

( towels I purchased at my neighbors yard sale that I will cherish. 1.00 for 2)

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